Growth Factor


Change is an important part of growth, we see it take place in all aspect of life. Change ranges from matters of nature, the temperature, daylight, seasons, and time all the way to non-material matters such as people, feelings, emotions, values, society, and so on. Reasons for change vary depending on the subject and situation. If it were not for the process of change then growth (in many cases) would not be able to occur. Before understanding change on a global scale, such as culture change, one must first understand change in its more simple terms. What is it and why does it take place? Once you understand the concept of change, the growth factor becomes more evident.

Three main categories of growth are personal, human, and business.  In terms of the most practical use my focus is on person growth. What sparks people to change?  Of course there will always be factors that effect the process of change, often times forcing people to, but when does change occur voluntarily.  A clear sign when change is needed is when people become complacent about the occurrences around them.  If change does not occur, then people will not know how to handle situations. If one is not able to look at a situation and recognize where growth needs to take place, they fall into the trap of being stagnient in their own life. Being able to recognize where areas of improvement can and need to take place is the first step, the second is being proactive.

Change may occur due to factor that are out of your control, forcing you to react rather than act. However change also happens when you are the drive, in full control, steering it in the desired direction. Not matter what the circumstance, change has the power to effect you in a positive way all dependent on your reaction.

“We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude…I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% how I react to it.”

Charles R. Swindoll

This quotation says it all, as humans we constantly evolve and what doesn’t kill you can only make you stronger.  If you are not able to recognize the need for change in a certain part of your life, then you run the risk of stunting your growth.


“If you do not create change, change will create you.” ~Unknown


10 Powerful Benefits of Change

  1. Personal growth

You grow and learn new things every time something changes. You discover new insights about diffferent aspects of your life. You learn lessons even from changes that did not lead you to where you wanted to be.

  1. Flexibility

Frequent changes make you easily adapt to new situations, new environments, and new people. As a result you do not freak out when something unexpectedly shifts.

  1. Improvements

We all have things in our lives we’d like to improve—finances, job, partner, house, etc. All of us know that nothing will  improve by itself. We need to do things differently to make that happen. Without change, there’d be no improvements.

  1. Life values

From time to time changes make you re-evaluate your life and look at certain things from a different perspective. Depending on what the change is, it may also reinforce your life values.

  1. The Snowball effect

Often we give up because we cannot accomplish the difficult task of making a huge and immediate change. That is when small changes become extremely valuable. One shift at a time, small changes will eventually lead you to the desired big one.

  1. Strength

Not all changes lead you to pleasant periods of life. Unfortunately we do not live in fairy tale and sad things happen, too. Overcoming the tough period will make you stronger.

  1. Progress

Changes trigger progress. Things move forward and develop because of the them.

  1. Opportunities

One never knows what each change may bring. When you turn from your usual path there will be plenty of different opportunities waiting for you. Changes will bring new choices for happiness and fulfillment.

  1. New beginnings

Each change is a turning page. It is about closing one chapter and opening another one. Changes bring new beginnings and excitement to life.

  1. Routine

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