My names is Vendela Aguayo, I am a passionate girl who loves health, nutrition, film, and lifestyle. My freshman year of college I completed a 200-hour yoga certification teacher training, making me a yoga instructor. My dream college is the University of Southern California, making me a Trojan for life! I have been a morning talk show host for the past year and a half and I am a huge foodie, especially when it comes to making healthy food taste good. Safe to say, a dream job of mine would be the Food Network. I love all things food; I have a food Instagram where I document my favorite recipes and restaurants from my two homes, San Francisco and Los Angeles. I believe everything and anything is possible as long as you believe, never give up, and have faith in God. With this perspective on life, I feel a great calling to do something worthwhile, innovative, and on a global scale.

Social media platforms are key for reaching people in the masses, so my intention for this site is to document and share some of the joys in my life, including all things things food, beauty, and health related.

I hope you enjoy!

“We all need something greater then ourselves to believe in, but YOU are a great place to start”

-Vendela Aguayo



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